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Hot Rod Bars, Flat

Hot Rod Bars, Flat
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Like every other custom motorcycle component in the Acme line, we make Acme handlebars in-house at our New Hampshire fabrication, service and motorcycle assembly shop. Handlebar styles available include T-Bar and Hot Rod bars in flat or drop styles and our new super-low Tracker bars or Mini Apes.

• Stainless steel
• Raw DOM steel

• Raw steel
• Polished stainless
• Black powdercoat

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Reviewer: Brandon Zaikoski
11/25/2010 03:32pm
A few months back I ordered these bars in black for my sporty. Upon their arrival slight modification was needed to fit Harley's gross ass stock controls, which really wasn't anything too crazy. I finally got them on the bike and I must say I could not be happier. The quality of the bars is outstanding, far better than anything I had seen or had experience with. The style was exactly what I was looking for. They look bad ass. Feel bad ass and most important, the bike handles perfectly now. I cannot say enough about these bars. The attention to detail and customer service was impeccable. The bars arrived a week past the expected date and the guys threw in a shirt to make up for it. Couldnt believe it! Solid products, solid dudes. Since than Ive told myself, "if I cant build it, Im buying it from Acme".

thanks for everything and best of luck!
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